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With Christopher Rehm and the Intensive Language Acquisition Program.

I focus my teaching primarily on students that need short, intensive courses in a specific area of English. This generally means meeting at least 2 or 3 times a week for at least 2 units of training each time, or doing an intensive course, either half, three quarters, or a full days, for at least 1 week. I do not normally do weekly in company training courses, although I may be able to place one of my colleagues in your company if that is what you are seeking.

I charge 45 euros per unterrichtstunde (instruction hour, the standard measurement in Germany for a 45 minute instruction period) for individual students, or groups of 3 or less people. 45 minutes of class time is equal to one unterrichtstunde. Additional students cost 10 euros per student per unterrichtstunde. I accept a maximum of 6 students per class group. The minimum class length is 2 unterrichtstunde. Multiple classes at one location or long term contracts are negotiable. Travel expenses (more than 15 minutes from the Hannover central train station in one direction) are NOT included. Special rates for intensive courses of 20 or more hours in a week. I look forward to hearing from you.

This is VAT inclusive.


Example of lesson costs.(One lesson. I offer discounts based on booking multiple lessons.)
1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students 5 students 6 students
2 US (90 min training per class meeting) 90€ 90€ 90€ 110€ 130€ 150€
3 US (115 min training per class meeting) 135€ 135€ 135€ 165€ 195€ 225€
4 US (180 min training per class meeting) 180€ 180€ 180€ 220€ 260€ 300€
6 US (270 min training per class meeting) 270€ 270€ 270€ 330€ 390€ 450€
8 US (360 min training per class meeting) 360€ 360€ 360€ 440€ 520€ 600€