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Co Working Opportunities

If you are looking for work, I may be looking to work with you as an self employed English teacher. I am seeking people who have the following skillsets:

Ok so what if you don't have all those requirements? Contact me, send me a resume that explains who you are and what your skils are and why you like teaching, and what you want to do with you language teaching in the future and we can talk. I am interested in working with people who have solid business, scientific, medical, or engineering skills, who can not ONLY teach English out of a text book, but also bring their working experience in english speaking culture to the table as well. I am DEFINATELY NOT interested in your CELTA certificate: I AM interested in watching you teach at least 3 classes, AND talking to your students about how you helped improve their language skills. I am generally not interested in people with literature, philosophy or similar degrees, unless you can show that you have serious business experience as above (maybe you were a PR person for a company? let's talk. You were a clerk in a retail shop, or did some kind of unskilled manual labor, sorry I am not the guy to talk to about work opportinites: I need people with actual real professional experience in the English speaking working world.)