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Knowing the language isn't enough: To win you need to know the business culture as well

How to learn any language 
         rapidly and effectively

Please allow me to introduce myself: I am Christopher Rehm, and I offer individuals and businesses custom tailored courses in intercultural business skills, how to work effectively in an international environment, how to train your people to succeed internationally in the business world as well as general, business, and technical English, where the core principle is how to do business effectively, using English as the principle language, in an international environment.

I am not just an English teacher; I have an MBA from Purdue University and a computer engineering degree, as well as decades of experience in startup companies. My program will change how you speak and use English in the first class. My associates and I focus on teaching you not just English, but how to do business sucessfully, internationally, using English as the langauge. After you study with my associate teachers and me in one of my intensive courses of 3 weeks or longer, you won't need a teacher to learn, you will know how to learn on your own and do it effectively and successfully.

I have seven years experience teaching English and intercultural communication skills to adults in the Hannover area, and can offer you the opportunity to really improve both your ability to use English, and how to learn quicker and faster. I can offer you courses of any length and tailor the material to your specific English speaking needs. Unlike the vast majority of English teachers here in Germany, my associates and I actually have business educations and backgrounds, which means we can show you how business people actually use English in their daily jobs, and how culture and cultural expectations strongly affect doing business in the english langauge, both with native speakers and as a lingua franca throughout the business world. Additionally, as a strong independent language learner, I can show you methods and techniques that will improve your English, or any other foreign language, much quicker than traditional textbook based methods. I work with a select group of private teachers to offer you the very best, most intensive language courses in the Hannover Area.

Our classes are the fastest way to learn how to speak proper English, and to stop speaking Denglish from some bad war movie: In the current competitive business climate, knowing how to use the language to successfully make a profitable deal is the most important thing your language training budget can buy.

Contact me today to discuss your needs, and to set up an appointment, where I can show you how I can increase your, or your employees ability, to speak English quickly and efficiently.

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